Getting There

I was hoping to be able to say today that I managed to rise a little earlier, and that was the intention, but the actual thing that happened was that the alarm for the second awakening failed to happen, and so I ended up rising not much earlier than I did the other day, which is a little frustrating given that I went to sleep earlier.

This will happen, I just have to take responsibility for myself waking up and working. I always used to be good at this, so I know that I am capable of it if I don’t let myself get lazy.

I want to be writing here about new ideas had, no the same old struggles being experienced. It has kind of become a work diary, and is a spur dug in to make me ride a little faster and harder. I am sure I am not the only one who gets frustrated when they fail to achieve a goal they have set. I am going to be debuting some new stuff over at, if not today then pretty soon. Some new poetry ideas and a new sci-fi collection.


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