Moving House In A Metaphorical Way

Sometimes the busy life and the hectic schedule seem to kill the time that I have to sit down and write – this is never good, and it must be remedied. How? I hate to say that I should not be so damned lazy, but that is the answer that sort of comes to mind.

I do work like a dog a lot of the time, but I can always make time to do this most important of things if I just make sure that I don’t let my schedule slide.

It’s funny – I have been building, or at least setting up, a lot of the websites that I envisage will drive the forces of my creativity for the rest of my life, and which I hope will serve to drive other people as well – I want them to be able to benefit from my vision and wisdom, of which I know I have garnered some here and there. Anyway, the funny part about it is, is that I build the window, go on to the next one, don’t actually build the window display, and then they threaten to take it down for lack of activity.

Moving house is a big thing – it takes some time, right?


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