Write Thoughts

I have been reading Hugh Howey a lot and really digging into the idea of the Kindle Single as a notional space to conquer at some point in the future. I always bear in mind when I am planning on writing a different format that it is going to require me to hit slightly different beats, a concept that I think I first saw written about by Warren Ellis when he was writing for Freakangels, but one which he has returned to throughout various bits of writing about the crafting of stories in the many different formats that he works in.

Flash fiction and poetry have been the main modes of expression that I have used for a while, but I am always looking to change it up to force myself out of repeating patterns that can become lazy and stale. Different kinds of stories tend to force a different rhythm anyway, but format has always played a big part in the eventual shape of the piece of work I am creating.

This holds true from those early days of writing fragments and drawing comics, to the introduction of a typewriter, and up to the present day.


Looking Around At Things

Today I bought six notepads because they were going for 50 cents apiece. There are possibilities aplenty with those six notepads, and I am going to be honest, I considered buying more, and I know that I could fill them. I do have a seventh pad, and that is an ideas and essays pad.

I have this idea that developing some things offline and then releasing them into the wild as fully realised things may be something I want to do, alongside the regular online offerings.

I have been reading a lot of Kindle Singles too, and really want to start pushing them out regularly. Warren Ellis turned me onto Beacon 23, and I really like the format. There are a lot of different forms out there and they all present their own interesting and unique challenge, in the same a haiku or sestina might.

Poetry, prose, some mixture, something that will get a chance to breathe in the paperverse how things used to be. I will probably discuss it here at some point. Eventually all the Regular Movement stuff will be collected under a singular umbrella, and I will post a list of projects I am dedicating time to every week in a sticky post – the idea being I start to wrap up incomplete projects and move towards publishing, which I am intending to start on a different model.

Really watch this space – keep an eye on the shifting landscape.

Brief As

As well as writing things, today I drew something – it won’t debut just yet, but it is the first piece of art that I have produced by sketching, for a while.

I had not realised how hard I find the whole process now, and not for the actual drawing of a thing, but because of how unsure I am about the final product and the whole process. It is odd, because with writing I have none of this; there is total confidence that I know what I am doing. Perhaps I can regain that – shouldn’t be impossible, should it?

Just Before Hitting Snooze

Being politicised by passionate writing is interesting – it makes me year to get back into that aea of writing. I used to be really into it back before I was applying for my visa card and was advised, maybe sensibly, to keep some comments under wraps. Well, the interest returns.

I am reading Green Is The New Red at the moment; I read Penny Red the other week; I started The Argonauts; and I plan on completing No Logo, a book I had hanging around for an age. There are more; I am educating myself in an area I backed out of. My writing’s focus may change a little as a result, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

When I get a second I intend to put a list up here and elsewhere outlining what my current Regular Movement projects are. Sleep beckons.

Conversations With Inspirations

I have been reading a fair amount of non-fiction of late, and I kind of have Warren Ellis to thank for a lot of it. I know he jokes about sky-rocketing Matt Fraction’s book-buying budget, but I am kind of in the same boat. I have followed Ellis for a long time, and I have been on-board with a lot of the ideas that he has floated out there for how to structure fiction, project ideas he has suggested that people should take part in: two of these, Loom and Weaponizer, that I was a part of, were fucking phenomenal.

It’s funny – in some ways I am having a one way conversation with him, and throwing out responses to communications he issues to his fans. I communicated with him once after my dad had passed, and I was upset and eating a bowl of cornbread (yeah, tis true) and he offered condolences and suggested my food choice might mean I was pregnant. None of this is the point.

Most of us who are writing are having a conversation with those that inspired us. Ortoematic was my tribute in some weird skewed sense to Brandon Graham’s King City, and the style he encapsulated there, which I took and reparsed into prose. Some of my poetry, and in some cases my prose, is a riff on the idea of harmalodics, put out there by Ornette Coleman. Fiction Designate was me trying to launchpad off the notion of design fiction, discussed by Ellis and codified by Bruce Sterling.

It’s been going on with me for a while – Visions In Heat (an unpublished poetry book) was my attempt to sing in poetry like Kristin Hersh in vintage Throwing Muses mode. I subsisted on a diet of The Beats, Aldous Huxley, and Ray Bradbury for a long time. Well, and also Heaney and the path and development of Celtic Mythology as followed through the entries in the entire Encyclopedia Brtittanica, which I became an expert on.

What before that? I studied philosophy and before that psychology, so to learn the terms I’d write poetry around them.

Before that I was writing Space Opera based around weird cheese dreams I had as a kid. And the first book I remember writing? Something riffing (or maybe straight up copying) from a Doctor Who book on dinosaurs. I used to draw things from all of those books.

So what am I doing now? Well, sort of in the same vein, I am bouncing off, and having a conversation with my girlfriend through our art and writing blog called “The Whole World Goldfish Bowled” which I talked about in the previous post.

It’s getting late – I may lay down soon and sleep.

the whole world goldfish bowled

the whole world goldfish bowled

the whole world goldfish bowledFor those of you who follow me around and enjoy reading what I have to offer, I really think that you are going to like this new project that I have.

Me and my girlfriend, the talented Natasha Szmidt, are teaming up to bring you an experiment in art and text that will give you a smorgasboard of different genres and styles that all cohere under a wonderful aesthetic that is going to brighten your day.