Get an idea

I don’t understand people who say that it is hard to get an idea of what to write. I think, conversely, it is, in fact, hard to not have too many ideas.

I meet people, and I see things, and I experience things, and I have an idea. I get an idea and I want to share it. Writing is easy; not writing is hard.

I wonder occasionally if the speed at which I work is reflective of some shallowness or failure to engage with the subject or the story, but I genuinely don’t feel this to be the case.

I am used to writing to deadlines so I am used to writing fast. Thought doesn’t have to be a dragged out horribly laboured process, and the drama that attends those people who say it does, seems nothing but a roadblock to actually doing anything.

I have been blocked before, and I am blocked as far as art, so don’t get me wrong, I’m not belittling or anything, but there is always some kind of creative outlet you can channel through. All my crippled artistic tendencies seep out into my writing.

I write a lot … People have told me I am possessed of genius, but I think that often damages the idea of one as a working writer. Genius still has to be applied. I work damned hard at everything I do, and the argument about not having time doesn’t hold up either. I work 40 hours a week and volunteer 15 to 20 hours, and I still write. How much do you want it?

Look out there and ideas are assailing you constantly. Get in there and you can get it down; you can write it out. It is always doable.


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