A Gameplan

I think you have to have a gameplan – there has to be some endgame that you are moving towards with your story … otherwise what the hell are you writing it for? An endless stream of narrative that never concludes is like a plot with no point or an action with no consequences. Why?

As a writer there is a degree of fun in rambling on and running alongside your characters, but if you take the reader nowhere and that is the only place they keep arriving, eventually they will get bored of you. There has to be some degree of mirroring in your story reality and the real world, otherwise it is a formless mess.

TV serials can sometimes seem shapeless in this way, and only when a forced cancellation destroys them do they scramble for a point. Shouldn’t different arcs represent a series of points? I want to go somewhere and I want to tak you with me. I am not afraid to end a story.


Fun Is The Watchword

I have never been that strong on direct research, preferring the read for interest and absorb at leisure kind of deal … it has stood me in pretty good stead. In my job I have to be more in depth because I write about things I initially have no clue about, so in order to avoid looking like an arse I actually dig around in the guts of a subject.

Poetry and fiction can be a little more lenient as far as that goes. Sure, if you write unconvincing insanely ludicrous crap then people are going to run away from you in droves, but unless you are a moron, why would you leave yourself open to that kind of attack.

When they advocate that you should write what you know it is almost as if they forget that you have the ability to learn anything. What is often posited as a restrictive instruction, should instead be seen as a liberating one. Ah, so I have the chance to get to know About a whole new field of study.

Creation doesn’t just come in on the writing of something, you can have fun learning too. People forget that, and when they do they produce stodgy crap that it is hard to digest. Fun should be the watchword … beware the serious man. I do not mean beware the professional, because being serious about your craft is different to being un-fun. If you don’t enjoy – I know I have said this before – don’t do it.

Some links should be forthcoming soon for new things, and maybe new books to buy.

forty forty vision

I am partially through mapping out the big project for the year, which is going to be a multi-discipline celebration of my fortieth year on the planet called thought ease.

It is going to Bebe an interesting year – it already constitutes something of a watershed in many regards, and going forward I am confident it will see a drastic redrawing of the lines.

It’s not like every new year isn’t a reassess year, but given last years lows and subsequent highs, the need to shore up the good and eliminate any chance of bad is much more important.

I produced a lot last year but never got it converted into the formats I wanted to. I have been with Lulu for nearly ten years but may be reassessing that relationship given the debacle with customer service I Am experiencing. Createspace is looking more attractive because, and I know about horror stories too, I have had a great experience with Amazon Customer Service.

Books are coming. Truly. Quality of everything will be upping. If you’re not even vaguely excited by anything you’ve seen me promise he then, well, I don’t know what I am going to do with you.

I have been keeping to my mission of writing something everyday, and even if it isn’t fiction it is worthwhile. I get paid for writing … It rocks.

Check out The Hive

Poetry everyday, some prose, and forging ahead on other targets. But it is a slower process than I would like. What are you going to do? At least the steady trickle of words beats no words at all.

I have ideas aplenty though, and my prospective projects list keeps spiralling out of control. As long as I can match that with the number of completed cycles of action it will all be good.

Be Certain

Some days distraction doesn’t seem to be something that comes and goes – it isn’t a shiny object, it is the overriding structure of the whole day. You start something and everyone comes calling, and they all have something compelling to tell you, and you want to hear it so you stop what you are doing and you listen.

Hey, that’s what living is about, right? And some randomity is bound to make the writing more interesting, because as you have to solve interesting things in life, so you learn to solve interesting things in your stories.

I want to really dig into some fiction and get it churning along soon – finish up some of those big ones that have been promising to drop for the longest time. All that backlogged editing is also calling. And when? And when? And when? Who the fuck knows? But it is coming. It is. Be certain of it.

Kick It

Philosophy isn’t always bright and cheerful, and neither is writing. Why? Because it is derived from life, and life has light and shade.

The proximity of death can have the effect of shining a light on life, and pointing out to you the important things you were missing. Love does the same. A loveless life is a hard one to live, but is privation better than the thought of deprivation? Ignorance isn’t bliss, but I don’t like the idea of it being better to have loved and lost than never loved at all, because that sucks.

I write to communicate. I write to work things out. I write to escape sometimes. I want to live a happy life though, and the fiction and poetry and even the non fiction I suppose, all reflect the state of mind and being that I am in.

Happy writing from a miserable person? Unlikely. But I don’t want to live the drama in my work. I can make shit up without having to suffer it. Life is generally good … this helps the creativity; it doesn’t hinder it. A Reality Engineer is past the midway point, then the idea is to drag some other project in that same direction. It will be fun or I will kick it.

A Different Ride Plan

A different ride plan today – not on the bus but waiting in the cafe for my ride. It is easier to sit here and type … There are just as many interesting people shooting by.

Thursdays are also going to be dedicated to writing, so I hope to get more projects moving along at a steady pace. Routine is the things, right? Need to publish more this year; need to bust through that barrier. I can sense another sea change coming. I look forward to it … I hope you do to.