Serendipity, Balance, Whatever

Sometimes the experience of writing can be very serendipitous – you set something up with very little thought of how it might be used in the future, and then when you need to do something later in the story, it actually works that you have created the perfect logical reason for that outcome.

The structure of the third Fiction Designate volume has been that I take the characters from chapter 1 of the first volume, and I put them in a story with the characters from chapter 1 of the second volume, and I use the new situation to create an ending to both stories – or a story that at least adds depth to its two forebears. The degree with which the project folds these two elements into each other without stressing the original push of either story has been pretty amazing for me. A very enjoyable game.

I seem to be drawing a lot of interest as an editor and a proofreader at the moment also, which is fantastic, because it allows me to help other artists to achieve their goals.

I am getting in more writing than I had been previously as well, by setting a more rigid schedule, so this rocks too. When you are doing things to help others and trying to do good things by sharing your art – good things will come back to you.

Getting There

I was hoping to be able to say today that I managed to rise a little earlier, and that was the intention, but the actual thing that happened was that the alarm for the second awakening failed to happen, and so I ended up rising not much earlier than I did the other day, which is a little frustrating given that I went to sleep earlier.

This will happen, I just have to take responsibility for myself waking up and working. I always used to be good at this, so I know that I am capable of it if I don’t let myself get lazy.

I want to be writing here about new ideas had, no the same old struggles being experienced. It has kind of become a work diary, and is a spur dug in to make me ride a little faster and harder. I am sure I am not the only one who gets frustrated when they fail to achieve a goal they have set. I am going to be debuting some new stuff over at, if not today then pretty soon. Some new poetry ideas and a new sci-fi collection.

Up And Ready

So, all the alarm clocks went off at the right time this morning, so, even though I didn’t get up as early as I have been wanting to get up, I am getting some writing time in this morning.

I have decided that from Monday next week I am going to move everything Regular Movement related over to Regular Movement’s main site, and that way you will only have to go to the one place to find everything. It also makes it easier for me because I will only have to go to the one place to write.

Having smooth lines on which one operates is not just a godsend, it facilitates the creation of so much more work. I am getting a lot of organising done, and as a result, when I finally get the thing in of getting up earlier to write this is all going to pay off.

It is slightly funny that, finding myself time impoverished, I continue to waste time writing about that lack of time. First tep towards handling a problem is to recognise it though, right?

I am digging in and moving on my third volume of Fiction Designate, which you may have missed, but where I have, of late, been most regular. Regular Movement Poetry is worth checking out, as is Day Events Pomes

Fleeting Time And Alarm Clocks

Time, as has been remarked elsewhere, by more eloquent people than I, is a fleeting thing. And alarm clocks are a bugger when they don’t get you up on time and you lose your time for writing.

I am going to have to get up at 7 and stop relying on the timer to wake me up at 730 methinks. That wasn’t really part of the plan anyway.

I am researching a lot at the moment – I have bought the website domains that I need, and now I have to work out how to create the businesses that I want to create. There are a couple of charitable foundations that I aim to put together, and a few competitions that I want to put together as regular things.

I have had ideas for magazines for a while, but I have never managed to pull it off, so I know that there has been some missing data somewhere along the line – I am working to fill that vacuum with knowledge, and pretty soon you will start to see the result of that. I do not need to start making some money from these enterprises so that they become a little more self-sustaining, or it could just end up being me pouring money into a money pit.

Money isn’t ever at the back of my mind as far as art goes, but it has to factor in occasionally, because it does take some kind of funding to be able to do anything in this world. I am getting there on finding a solution. I will let you know when I get there, but I think it will be obvious enough that I don’t need to say anything.

Kicking myself hard

I don’t think I am a grown up. I don’t know if I ever wanted to be. Most of the best people I know never set up camp in that stagnant pond way of being.

I have not kept in my writing schedule in the last week, and I want to kick myself very hard for it.

When my schedule is hectic and I force myself to sit down and write, that is often some of the best stuff. I have had what I think are pretty interesting experiences in the last week, and that is always great fuel for my writing.

I plan on getting it in and keeping it in. I have been hitting other targets I set for myself so this is doable. If I were to grow up and take the situation deadly serious I might never write again. That isn’t going to happen.

Moving House In A Metaphorical Way

Sometimes the busy life and the hectic schedule seem to kill the time that I have to sit down and write – this is never good, and it must be remedied. How? I hate to say that I should not be so damned lazy, but that is the answer that sort of comes to mind.

I do work like a dog a lot of the time, but I can always make time to do this most important of things if I just make sure that I don’t let my schedule slide.

It’s funny – I have been building, or at least setting up, a lot of the websites that I envisage will drive the forces of my creativity for the rest of my life, and which I hope will serve to drive other people as well – I want them to be able to benefit from my vision and wisdom, of which I know I have garnered some here and there. Anyway, the funny part about it is, is that I build the window, go on to the next one, don’t actually build the window display, and then they threaten to take it down for lack of activity.

Moving house is a big thing – it takes some time, right?


I have the erection of websites down to an art – that is never the hard part anyway; one has to get the design right once the site is actually live. I am currently using a free hosting service, which is great for getting these things out there in their initial stages, but the idea is to eventually have them on a server where there are no adverts. I realise that having pop ups when you first get to a site might lead you to click away, but I also know this i how they are probably able to provide a free service. I think that a lot of people must have ad blockers in place so they do not have this trouble too.

At some point one of my projects is to crowdsource the purchase of a server, and to at least initially fund the movement of the sites from a free to a paid service, which given that already do this means the transition should not be hard.

I have a lot of things to learn, because I want to set up a charity, and I want to run a business, launch a magazine, sell more books, all this stuff. The fact that I have only been marginally successful in the past means that there is something that i have not quite cracked, and this is something that I need to remedy.

The work I do during the day means that I will always have the resources to be able to do this kind of thing as and when I want, but if it paid for itself that would be fantastic. If I can work out a way that allows me to help fund others and help them live better lives then so much the better.

Pay It Forward (the book, not the movie) had a profound effect on me. One thing I can tell you is that whenever I am involved in something that is to the betterment of other individuals, my own life starts to improve. Get bogged down in some selfish pursuit and it more often than not does me no good.

I am getting back up to speed with regularity, and at some point soon the Regular Movement site will, as I have promised before, house all this. See you there.

Keep Moving Forward

Some days I kind of half get where I need to be with the writing for this blog, but I am definitely wanting to explore more expansive ideas about my own writing and writing in general. I am carving out a little space in the morning for writing, but it has been less than a half hour, rather than the hour that I had originally planned, and obviously this cuts time from what I am able to do.

Regular Movement Poetry has been the most regularly contributed project which I have written for, aside from this, and Day Events Pomes, but Regular Movement Fiction and the spoken word arm of the project have suffered somewhat. I seek to remedy it, but I am also aware that my time is overloaded with commitments and that cuts down the creative time somewhat. There are workarounds, and I will find them, but some days it is hard enough just doing the regular stuff that keeps the house ticking over.

I also read regularly, at least one Kindle Single or a few chapters a day. I just finished off Hugh Howey’s Beacon 23 which I really enjoyed and should get around to reviewing for Skull Cull. I am also reading Green Is The New Red which is all about the environmental movement and the radicalisation of it and its treatment as a terrorist movement.

Warren Ellis is a regular read – his newsletter, like his webite before that is great for spurring new directions and giving me new frameworks to operate within. I regularly spin through tumblr, grab inspiration from Pinterest, and use whatever other sources of stimulation I can find to keep me ticking over.

I am approaching the end of the second Fiction Designate book and need to work out a way to pay for the ISBNs to publish those suckers. Keep moving forward is the goal – keep doing something … a;ways.